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T.J. Kolleh
Engineer with interests in the development & delivery of A.I. enhanced products. This site is a collection of thoughts about technology, and a way to keep track of research.

Use local dev tools on remote files with SSHFS

November 13, 2020

I often have to work with virtual machines or remote hosts. To utilize my local development environment while doing so I configure SSH and…

SSH To Guest or Remote OS

April 03, 2020

I often have to work with virtual machines and/or remote servers. When its more convenient to use local developer tools, I rely on SSH and…

Conda, to the point

March 06, 2020

Installation (via Anaconda) macOS Windows Linux Environment Create an environment containing a collection of conda packages. Create from an…

Optimizing Patient Flow

February 26, 2020

Health care patient flow addresses the movement of patients, principally within a hospital, from point of admission to discharge. Optimizing…

Blending images using Laplacian pyramid

January 04, 2019

Laplacian Pyramid as a Compact Image Code for blending images. The above photo of Lake Mead was taken from a helicopter in Nevada USA. I…

Updating MacOS Terminal Color Scheme

August 08, 2018

Spice up the default color scheme of the MacOS terminal profiles with a set of pretty iTerm 2 color schemes. To start, download an archive…

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